BH1415F Stereo Tx & PIC16F876A

87.5 - 108 MHz. in 100 kHz steps.
Realtime averaging VU meters.
Play - pause - USB symbol, when a PCM2707 audio d.a.c. is used.
Operation by rotary encoder & two pushbuttons.

hexcode How to operate.

PCM2702 USB Audio dac.
size = 45 x 50 mm

BH1415F stereo Tx.
size = 53 x 53 mm

LM324 Audio rectifier
PIC16F876A & LCD
Circuit diagram.
Tx Circuit diagram.

Where to buy some parts ?
BH1415F - Futurlec UK
ZC933ATA - Mouser Electronics USA
Toko CLNS-80036Z - Barend Hendriksen NL
Toko E526-HNA 100116- Barend Hendriksen  NL
7.6MHz Cristal - van Dijken elektronica NL