Universal PIC16F876 p.c.b.

Applications :
BH1415F Stereo FM Transmitter

How to load the PIC with a hex-code ?
Rotary encoder datasheet.    Rotary encoder datasheet (700kB)

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Copper layout. 100 x 55 mm
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Circuit diagram.
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Proto board.

Left on picture:
Little 4 pin connector for a -In System Programmer-.

Center of picture: 9 pin female connector.
6 pins for PIC16F876 In-Outputs.
3 pins for power. +9V in, +5V out & ground.

Right on picture:
SMD voltage regulator, 5V, 150mA.

Close up of LCD contrast potentiometer.

On the left side....
NE555 & friends making -2.5Volt for LCD contrast.

Epson ECM-A0936. 122 x 64 dots, SED1520 compatible graphic LCD.